Heroic Hippie Stops Homicidal Rampage (Spoiler: No Gun Needed, Bro)

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kaiWell, here’s a story the right wing isn’t sure what to say about. A homeless traveler named Kai, stunned when his ride turned into a murderous racist rampage, had the presence of mind to non-lethally subdue the much larger 54-year-old Jett Simmons McBride, who’d just slammed his car into a random utility worker.

The local Fox affiliate was on the scene and found themselves with a lengthy interview with someone Fox viewers nationwide have been carefully trained to consider scum. Reporter Jessob Reisbeck did a beautiful job of getting the story.

But just as Occupy Sandy has gotten no media respect, those hard on the right have a hard time accepting reality (duh.) When the story appeared on The Blaze, “saves the day” was in quotes and the writer claims to never, ever want to have to praise such vermin again. Comment writers seemed to have a hard time recalling just who did what, and many focused on critiquing the young man from West Virginia’s language. To which I say, c’mon people, wtf?

Kai (no last name, no age, thank you) is one of those people who drops “fuck” into every sentence. But like many of the young traveler clan, he has huge, innate class. The full video of his conversation with the reporteris going deservedly viral.

It’s a hard story to spin into an indictment of longhairs. It’ll be interesting if someone tracks down dude’s family and asks them how it feels to see that their disowned offspring is saving souls from ‘Jesus.’

“McBride had picked up a hitchhiker, who said McBride was making racist remarks when he came upon the PG&E workers, one of whom was black.

Police say McBride lodged the black worker between his car and the work truck, got out of his car and began beating the worker and attacking others who tried to stop him. The hitchhiker then got out of the car and started hitting McBride with a hatchet, officials said.”

Actually the story has several heroes: the adorable Kai, the two women who rushed to the scene, and the utility worker, who said through a spokesman that he simply hopes his attacker gets help.